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  • Pvc form Board/KT Board/PS Board Details

    KT Board

    KT Board is an extruded polystyrene foam board bonded between two layers of high-impact polystyrene sheets.

    Structure : High-Impact polystyrene + Polystyrene Foam Core + High-Impact polystyrene


    1.Thickness: from 2mm to 20mm


    3.Color: white,red,black,green,yellow,blue

    4.Special sizes available upon requests

    Color: white, red, blue, yellow, green,black


    1 Smooth, high-impact facers resist warping

    2 Lightweight and water resistant

    3 The original, heavy-duty graphic arts board

    4 Excellent reputation for great performance

    5 Rigid and durable yet can be cut with a knife

    6 Offers great value for mid-range application

    1 Advertising: Advertising boards,signs, shopwindow displays, pop-up displays, exhibition boards,picture frame backing,POP advertising screen-printing,gift boxes,food packing
    2 Building: models, partitions, wall cladding, indoor or outdoor decoration, air conditioning ducts, windows and false ceilings
    3 Industrial field: wall claddings, control cabinets and panels, structures for corrosive environments, ducts


    Mounting, Repositioning Vinyl,Direct Digital Printing, Direct Screenprinting, Painting, Knife Cutting, Saw Cutting, Routing, Die Cutting, Embossing, Forming Curves, Framing

    Ps sheet printing:  CMYK Full Color Digital Printing

    Performance & Application:

    PS board,made from 100% new polystyrene particle raw material,has good insulation electrical properties,high transparency,excellent insulativity and impact resistance.It’s not only transparent and non-toxic,but also easy to be processed.

    As the most universal thermoplastic, it is widely used for engraving/advertisement sheet, instruments, parts of instrument, lamps, decorations, airplanes, automobile fittings, medical appliances, work of arts, insulation materials for electrical, specimen, sign board etc.

    Size: 1220 x 2440mm

    Thickness: 1.4 / 1.6 / 2.2 / 2.5mm

    Pvc form Sheet/Board

    PVC Foam Panel is a new type of green environment protecting material. For the density, process ability, appearance and texture of PVC foam panel are quite similar to those of natural wood, this kind of foam board is sometimes called "synthetic wood". Can Direct Digital Printing.


    Thickness: 1mm to 20mm
    size: 1.22m*2.44m
    Density : from 0.42 to 0.7

    1. Exhibition desk, Shelve in supermarket
    2. Advertisemen Board and sign board
    3. The advertisement sheet for printing, engraving, cutting, sawing
    3. Architectural decoration and upholstery
    4. Decoration for partition wall and shopwindows

    Good features:

    1, light weight,good tenacity, high rigidity
    2, fireproof and flame regardant
    3, good insulation
    4, no sopping, no deformation
    5, easily to processed
    6, good plasticity, being an excellent thermoform material
    7, sub-light surface and elegant vision
    8, anti-chemical corrosion
    9, suitable to silk screen printing
    10, with imported dyes, unfading and anti-aging


    Polybag, brown carton, pallet


    Printing Material - PS Board for flatbed printing. Printing Material - PVC Format Board for flatbed printing.

    The picture is only for reference,please make the object as the standard.

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