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Face Wheels team has more then 10+ years in design, manufacture and marketing of luxury customized wheels for the automotive industry.

With leading edge style, precision engineering, Face Wheels unique style and wheel fitments support modifications of performance, luxury vehicles and Super Cars.

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Aesthetics of artworks, not industrial products

Our Craftsmen perform skilled work in each production process.These expert skills are the one of BBS’ assets.

“Display our delicate handiwork in places not shown on drawings or by numerical data”. To that end, BBS insists on making wheels one by one by human hands and eyes, even though it means sacrificing work efficiency.

The beauty of the moment you see it, the texture of the moment you touch it and the exhilarating feeling of the moment you start driving. High quality experienced with all five senses.

These are the true values of BBS forged wheels, which are supported by our human resources.

BBS Customization


Good price for good quality and service

Super Power Super Car, One Face at a Time!

Facewheels Personal Custom
Facewheels Personal Custom
Facewheels Personal Custom
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